Exploring Balian. One of Bali’s most secluded beach.

A week surfing and exploring Balian on the western coast of Bali.

If you’ve been to Bali you’ve witness first hand crowds, traffic and chaos. Just 90 minutes north of Bali center lies Balian. Here you enter a different world. A world away from the hassle, a world Bali used to look like many years ago.  Here you are surrounded by empty volcanic black sandy beaches, rice paddies, palm trees and nature. Locals have their cattles walking on the beach and grazing easily in the sun overlooking guys surfing or exploring Balian.



8 reason’s why you need to go to Balian

01 | It’s remote and exclusive

This is how Bali used to be many years ago. Undeveloped, secluded and peaceful. Expect small groups of people in this area and small crowds in the water (especially in low season).

Balian BeachBalian Beach


02 | Peaceful beaches

The black volcanic sand and palm trees are not the only things, that make these beaches beautiful. It’s peacefulness and emptiness is the gateway to one of the best beaches in Bali.

Balian Beach Balian BeachBalian beach Bali Balian beach Bali Balian beach Bali


03 | Sightseeing

We booked a car and a local driver who took us sightseeing to a waterfall and enormous rice fields. You can book local guides at your accommodation or any restaurant.

Balian sightseeing Balian sightseeing


04 | Friendly locals and delicious local food

Balinese must be the most friendliest people in the world. There is always such a happy vibe and a good atmosphere around them and their cuisine is delicious. Balian doesn’t have too many food options. Don’t expect it to be like Canggu. It has a few small Warungs and local restaurants serving delicious local food but also western food.

Balinese PeopleBalian Beach


05 | Easy traveling + exploring

Feel like exploring Balian? Take a walk or rent a scooter at your accommodation and start scootering around. Get lost. Go see things.

Balian BeachBalian Beach

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06 | Beautiful beach front accommodations

There are many accommodation options in Balian. They have everything from local losemen’s to fancy villa’s. Check out and try to find something close to the beach. The views are amazing.

Balian Bali accommodation Balian Bali accommodation


07 | Unbelievable sunsets

The sunsets in Balian are amazing. Grab your Bintang, go to the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Balian sunset Balian sunset


08 | Good surfing

Balian offers some super fun and uncrowded surf for all levels – beginner to advanced.

Surfing Balian Surfing Balian

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** Travel Tip: The road to Balian gets super busy. Trucks full of cargo drive this road almost day in day out and traffic can be a real nightmare. Best time to drive is early in the morning.

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