5 ways to push yourself whilst travelling around the world

Travelling is often much more than just a holiday. It’s an opportunity to find yourself, to experience everything the world has to offer and, best of all, to push your limits and see just what you can achieve.

Here are five essential ways to reach the latter:


1. Travel solo 

Perhaps the best way to truly push yourself whilst travelling is by doing it alone. There’s nothing more testing than having nobody else to rely on by yourself, especially when in an unfamiliar setting—but travelling solo will prove you’ve got the determination and courage to do so.

Travelling can often be a daunting thing for some, so doing it by yourself is the perfect way to prove both to yourself and others that you’ve got what it takes. Best of all, you’ll be free to see and do whatever you want during your trip.

As an aside—be sure to strike up conversations with locals as well as fellow travellers to potentially make some new friends.



2. Stay in a hostel

Instead of hiding away in a hotel, why not choose to crash in a hostel? Not only are the majority of hostels clean, comfortable and very cheap, but they also come with the opportunity to make friendswith the like-minded individuals you’ll likely be surrounded by.

Even if you’re considerably introverted, hostels often possess a very unique atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere—travellers share stories and knowledge between themselves, and it’s in hostels that some life-long friendships have blossomed. Give it a try.



3. Visit somewhere remote

Divert away from the typical tourism-laden destinations around the world and instead escape to somewhere that’s a lot less discovered. Cities such as Bangkok and Kuta are common choices for many tourists, effectively becoming “safe” in terms of potential places to visit.

Instead of following the crowds, consider getting away to somewhere that is less saturated with tourism and travellers. You don’t have to stray too far from the norm—Thailand, Bali and many other hotspots have considerably secluded areas to visit—but test yourself by going somewhere that’s totally new and unfamiliar.



4. Face your fears

 Whether you’re scared of heights, open water or certain animals, travelling will present you with plenty of opportunities to face your fears and pluck up the courage to tackle them. Be sure to say yes to everything—this way, you’ll experience things you won’t get to do back home and well as confront some fears that have previously gotten in your way.

Bungee jumping, white-water rafting and mountain climbing are just some of the activities most often chosen by tourists—hesitation will have you missing out on some incredible opportunities. Seize the day.



5. Write a blog

Why not get creative as you travel?As recommended by 1Cover, having a blog to update those at home can easily become a source of income, and writers have been able to prolong their trips with the income they generate. If you’re in need of a creative outlet, this is one of the most rewarding ways to do it.


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