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April 2018

    TRAVEL DIARY 2017 ~ From Namibia to Indonesia

    From the Namibian desert to the tropical islands of Indonesia!

    2017 has been my favorite year yet! I want to share it with you – the good and the bad!

    Spending over 18,000 miles on aeroplanes and ferries, my twenty-seventeen has been one heck of a year.
    My 2017 bubble I lived by popped and changed my life unexpectedly over night – (just like that)! From what I thought would be the worst and the end of the world, turned out to be the best that could have ever happened to me. Rollercoaster of emotions, disappointment, odium and heart ache turned into healing, self love, new opportunities, new friendships, new memories and most importantly a new ‘ME’! Oh yes… and of course how could I forget … I got to surf my first ever green wave 🙂

    “Sometimes when things fall apart they are actually falling to place.”
    I cannot agree more on this. Believe it! I’m prove of this!

    This is what my year has been about:

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