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November 2017

    Desert Treasures. Surfing empty line-ups in Namibia

    Surfing Namibia

    Surfing Namibia.
    The beautiful country I get to call home.

    It is also the country of diverse wildlife, remarkable landscapes, the cold Atlantic Ocean and a few good looking surfable lefts.

    It’s rugged, it’s harsh, it’s rough and it’s dry. But every now and again we are blessed with some surprising good surf along the Namibian coast.

    Our surf population is small. You might think it’s because of all the predators feeding on seals swimming below you, while you are sitting on your board and the water is to green and murky to even see your toes.  Who knows!
    But the more obvious reason would be the infrequent cold surf and hauling onshore winds convincing only a few to get into the water.

    Surfing in NamibiaSurfing NamibiaSurfing Namibia

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