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April 2017

    10 Reasons To Give Back To ‘WAVES’


     Our beloved planet is 71% water. 1.36 billion cubic kilometers of it is ocean, but of the small percentage of water that strikes land on coastlines, these currents not only make waves, but create a beautiful, human connection back on land. Surfing is one part water sport, one part cultural fellowship.




    The avid thrill-seekers and volunteers at WAVES for Development view surfing as a way to not only enjoy nature but also give back to the land and people who make it possible.

    The nonprofit organization was created by international and local surfers on the beaches of northern Peru in 2004. WAVES aims to blur the lines between travel and volunteerism through educational and entrepreneurial programs that enrich local youth, and share the excitement of surfing.

    Illumine Collect is a lifestyle apparel company that shares this same dedication of giving and helping others.
    That is why Illumine Collect is proud to partner up with WAVES, and will donate 20% of each sale
    to support their great mission.

    WAVES for Development

    WAVES for Development

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