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April 2016

    Strandloopertjies First Blog Post!

    Walking along the Angolan Coastline


    Hello from Namibia and welcome to our first ever blog post!

    Check out our About Us Page to get a short introduction on who we are and where we’re from.

      What are Strandloopertjies, what affiliates us with them and how do you even pronounce this 17 long lettered word?

    Strandloopertjies is an Afrikaans term referring to waders (birds).

    Pronounced “Strand-looper-keys” meaning “beach walkers”.

    The White-fronted Plover is a common bird on our beaches and we encounter them on a daily basis. They are often referred to as “Strandloopertjies” as they run up and down the beach feeding and defending their territory.

    So how do we compare?

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