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Your Camping Guide To Torra Bay

Welcome to Torra Bay!  Namibia’s little piece of hidden paradise in the eerie Skeleton Coast National Park! Here shipwrecks meet fishermen and sand dunes cover hidden gems! Sundowners are part of your daily routine and campsite fires keep you warm.  View the full blog post here.



Endless Roads leading through the Namib Naukluft

If you’ve been to Namibia before you know what we are talking about… Post card material and picture perfect landscapes – our endless roads of Namibia! View the full blog post here.



Review: Wolwedans Dunes Lodge + Camp

Namibia’s only certified Global Ecosphere Retreat® (Zeitz Foundation) and our favorite Namibian Eco-friendly desert lodge! Wolwedans has been on our bucket list for ages. This year we couldn’t resit any longer, so we booked ourselves into the Dunes Lodge and Dune Camp and could finally tick it of our much wanted bucket list.
View the full blog post here.



Overnighter or island-hopping? Sailing from Phuket to Langkawi

Sailing from Phuket to Langkawi or vice-versa is roughly 120nm on sea. This depends on how you decide to sail and what voyage you would like to take. Decision is up to you! And the weather of course. View the full blog post here.



17 Things to do and explore in South West Angola

Is exploring Angola on your bucket list? It should! There is so much to do and so much to see. With each trip we venture new destinations, new memories and more fondness for this country! View the full blog post here.



Scuba Diving on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

What an awesome holiday treat. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, scuba diving adventures, happy locals and cocktails are what holidays are all about! View the full blog post here.



Padang, transit to the surf haven of the Mentawai Islands

There’s definitely not much for surfers to do in Padang. For them it’s normally an in-and-out, just a transit between mainland and one of the most beautiful island chains and best waves in the world. 8 Simple things to do and keep you busy in Padang.



Phuket Night Market, eating Thai food

On the blog post we are visiting the Banzaan market in Phuket. Read more here.

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