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July 2017

    Your Ultimate Guide to Camping at Torra Bay. Skeleton Coast | Namibia

    Skeleton Coast. One of the most untouched place in Africa.

    Welcome to Torra Bay!  Namibia’s little piece of hidden paradise in the eerie Skeleton Coast National Park! Here shipwrecks meet fishermen and sand dunes cover hidden gems! Sundowners are part of your daily routine and campsite fires keep you warm.

    Mysterious. Shipwrecks. Scattered bones. Desert wildlife. Misty mornings. Windy evenings. Endless fishing.

    That’s how we would describe the Skeleton Coast and that’s exactly why we love that place!

    Namibia. One of The 10 Most Pristine Places on Earth.

    Torra Bay Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast Shipwreck

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