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June 2016

    13 Tips when traveling to Angola by car- the Namibian route

    Traveling to Angola with our blue Toyota Bakkie

    The driving route form Namibia to Angola is long but worth the scenic landscapes. A lot of planning and organizing is involved in this adventurous trip. It usually takes us about 2 casual days from central of Namibia to Namibe’ in Angola. As from our experience…

    01 |  Photo Copies

    There are a lot of road blocks in Angola. Make sure to have enough color copies of your Passport, Drivers License, Vehicle registration papers and Vehicle police clearance to show instead of your originals. Make sure to get your ‘pink receipt’ for your car at the Angolan Border. All road blocks will ask for that Form.

    02 |  Extra Cool drink

    Always have an extra cool drink or a packet of cigarettes close by. Be polite and offer these to officials or locals when they are giving you a hard time.

    03 |  Have Patience

    Be friendly, patient and have a lot of time. Especially at the Border Posts and Road Blocks.  Calculate for at least 2hours at the Border Posts. They love unpacking the cars and checking through everything. Assist them and be friendly and you will see how quickly they will let you proceed.

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